Website Design Consulting

Foxstram Technology is ready to design or re-design your existing website. So let us get started. First off, contact Foxstream about establishing or improving your existing Internet presence, clearly describing your business needs. You can also request a price quote, which will detail all the requirements you need to get started.

The next step is building your website. This step is not difficult, especially when Foxstream has designed, developed and tested several high quality websites using cutting-edge technologies. We understand the "Big Picture"- that is, piecing together the various steps to build a mortised website from your business conception to production.

Now that you are ready for your new website, Foxstream has compiled a list of requirements and website design categories to assist you in planning your project more efficiently.

Our Requirements list is designed to build stronger relationships with our clients and build a website that is useable, functional, scalable and meets Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards.

Foxstream requires all website requirements to be delivered in soft form - that is, all text and graphic contents must be sent on portable storage medium or via email. To ensure contents do not become corrupted when sending via email, Foxstream prefers clients use a portable storage medium such a thumb drive or read-writable CD/DVD discs. In addition, a Foxstream representative will be happy to meet with you to discuss your business needs.

Website Design Requirements

This list is by no means the complete requirements to begin building your website. Please use it as a guide to aid you in collecting and compiling required documents for your website.

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