Database Design Consulting

Moving to Electronic Record storage and Retrieval

At Foxstream, we transform your raw data into information so you can derive useful knowledge to support your business decisions. If you are entering data into a spreadsheet application or storing hardcopy into a file cabinet and you find yourself spending too much time to lookup or find information, then you need to start thinking about a database management system.

You can improve your productivity and efficiency. You can expand your services and increase your revenue. Foxstream Technology (FT) is here to help you make all of this possible. It is time you move from hundreds of files and folders to an electronic record storage and retrieval system. Or consider re-engineering your existing database system.

Let our expert team of database developers handle your raw data and/or re-engineer your existing databases, while you focus on Business As Usual (BAU) operations. Foxstream will design, develop, test and implement a scalable, secured, and rock-solid database to improve your business decision making and operations.

Visualizing your data

Visualize your data. Make informed decisions based on the accuracy and integrity of your data.

With a rock-solid database "back-end", our software application developers will go to work immediately to develop front-end or graphical user interface (GUI) applications to facilitate smooth data management, while generating state-of-the-art reports with statistical visual displays of graphs, charts and trendlines.

Determine whether You need a Database

The following questions will help you decide whether it is time to have a data-driven application to store and retrieve your data.

  1. Do you find yourself entering the same values of information into multiple spreadsheets/reports/documents?

  2. When you make the changes in your spreadsheet/reports/documents, are you forced to make the same changes in others?

  3. Do you have a large amount of data that is becoming larger and unmanageable?

  4. Do several people in your organization have the need to view your data at the same time?

  5. Are you tracking related information in several spreadsheets such as separate sheets for sales for different departments or different geographical locations?

  6. When viewing your information, are you constantly scrolling on your screen to view it all? Or do you have a difficult time viewing the specific sets of data that you want?

Foxstream initial steps in database design

  • Identify the exact goals of the system

  • Talk with the users to identify the basic forms and reports

  • Identify the data items to be stored.

  • Design the classes (tables) and relationships.

  • Identify any business constraints.

  • Verify the design matches the business rules.

View our Database Questionnaire to assist you in planning your database project.

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