About Foxstream Technology (FT)

Foxstram Technology is a dynamic, Information Technology (IT),services oriented, company with over 12 years of solid hands-on experience in the IT field, providing expert web design, database and spftwareapplication development and maintenance service for small- to - medium-size businesses and individuals.

At Foxstream Technology, we equate application design to an art form. Artists use pin-point accurracy in every aspect of painting a potrait so as to create a lasting impression. Every brush stroke, every color, and every contour,texture of canvas, look and feel - all speak to the total "finished" potrait. Attention to details is the core of our business.

Pick a website project that is suitable for you

  • Complete Business website, including Ecommerce (online selling with shopping cart)
  • Online Blogging website
  • Online Photo Gallery or Album
  • Complete Flash Animation website
  • Content-driven websites (ex. Commmunity bulletin, News, etc.)
  • Database-backend or adding new features to your existing website

Desktop Applications Development

  • Microsoft Access Database Application
  • Microsoft Excel Application, including Macros and VBA programming
  • .NET Application Developmentusing C# (C-Sharp), VB.NET, ASP.NET
  • Java/J2EE Programming
  • Multimedia pulication design using Adobe Indesign

Open-Source Programming Environment

  • Linux Environment programming
    • Java/J2EE Programming
    • Perl programming
    • Python Programming
    • PHP Web programming
  • Open-Source Databases
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL

IT Support

Foxstream meets the needs of every business, from Desktop PC troubleshooting to network setup, configuration and maintenance. Do you want to setup a file storage network to store, share and retrieve your documents anywhere you are in the the world or whether you want to setup a file server network to run your applications, including your company Intranet, Foxstream is here to help. Call or send us an email.

Foxstream Expert Qualifications

With over 7+ years of production experience, we possess the following qualifications:

  • Expert Web Design and Development
  • Strong Databases and SQL Knowledge
  • Strong Windows / UNIX / LINUX knowledge and language understanding
  • Knowledge of full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Expert project management and technical support

Foxstream has the ability to keep schedule, make tight deadlines, work timely and accurately to provide high quality services to our clients.