• Website Design Consulting

    You desire a professionally design or re-design website to effectively communicate to a larger audience. Foxstream combines over seven (7) years expertise in Internet applications design, development, and maintenance to implement the perfect website for your business.

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  • Database Design and Development Consulting

    Have you heard the expression: Too much data lying around, too little information, too little knowledge, very little use of of the original data to make business decisions?

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  • Software Development

    A software application sits between your raw original data and you, the owner of that data. Software applications help user solve problems...

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Foxstream Technology, LLC is a software application development company, specilizing in Web Application Development; Database Design, Development and Implementation, and Desktop Application Development.

At Foxstream, we equate web design to an art form. Artists use pin-point accuracy in every aspect of painting a portrait so as to create a lasting impression. Every brush stroke, every color, and every contour, texture of canvas, look and feel - all speak to the total "finished" portrait. Attention to details is the core of our business. We develop internet based web applications which interact with one or more central databases.

Foxstream offers a wide range of expertise in desktop application programming. We utilize the latest technologies and development tools on dynamic platforms such as Java, C# (C-Sharp), VB.NET, Visual C++, UNIX/LINUX environment programming, including Perl, Python and MySQL database.

Have you heard the expression: "Too much data lying around, too little information, too little knowledge, very little use of of the original data to make business decisions"? At Foxstream, we transform your raw data into information so you can derive useful knowledge to support your business decisions.

How big is your business? What is your customer base? Whether you want to grow your business or re-vamp your existing web site, or whether you want to establish an Internet presence for the first time, Foxstream Technology can help. We have the expert hands-on experience and technology know-how to handle any projects. Our professional developers will take your dreams and turn them into reality. Wherever you want to go, we can get you there fast and efficiently.

Reasons to choose Foxstream

Three qualifications separate Foxstream from most competitors:

  • Full life cycle application development capabilities
  • Experienced with several technologies and multi-platform programming
  • Client-centric approach and cost-effective projects

Our objective is to help clients stay focus on their business operations, while enhancing and optimizing "Business As Usual (BAU)" activities. THe end results are improved performance and increased productivity.